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How can sociologists better support public health practice?

A face-to-face workshop for sociologists to identify and develop promising
approaches for public health practice.
St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield S2 4QZ.
Wednesday April 6th 2022: 9.30am – 3.30pm.

Calls for better use of sociology in UK public health – from Public Health England and the Medical Research Council – are missing practical guidance and examples. Community health organisations and the public hold sophisticated understandings about health inequalities, but these are not well integrated in UK policy frameworks and public health evidence, which focus upon, and seek to change, individual behaviour. Sociological concepts and frameworks (such as ‘social structure’, ‘political economy of health’) are often obscure to non-sociologists, while sociology’s identity as a critical discipline may clash with the positivist orientation of public health practice.

We need innovative approaches to address these challenges and enhance use of sociological tools in this field.

This workshop will identify approaches that can make sociological frameworks and concepts more accessible and relevant to those (including members of the public) working in local public health, and that acknowledge the contexts in which people are working. Through interactive sessions we will examine: case studies from other fields of practice (nursing and education); recent collaborative approaches in public health; existing research on knowledge exchange; and recent theoretical developments that might be integrated into practice.

It will be of interest to sociologists and those in cognate social science disciplines who seek to apply sociological concepts and theories more widely.

Sociology At Work

We ran two early evening events for sociology students and recent graduates in October 2018 and March 2020 at the London School of Economics.  These featured presentations from applied sociologists.

We hope to run similar events in the future.

Virtual Events

Watch this short video made by the London School of Economics and Revealing Reality: ‘Working in Social Research‘ for advice and guidance on careers as applied sociologists.